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Justice for George, Zippy, Bungle, Freddie & Jane

20th September 2016

15th December 2015

Bransby Horses received a call from World Horse Welfare and the RSPCA to assist in the rescue of a seriously ill horse that had collapsed. As the team arrived to assist, they discovered two other horses that were also in poor condition and required urgent treatment.

With the support of the Police and seizing vet, George was lifted into the trailer along with his field companions and taken to Bransby Horses’ Lincoln site for further treatment. Throughout the night the team stayed with George, providing medication and fluids through an I.V drip. He began to eat small amounts of forage and became more comfortable. By mid-morning however, George was struggling to breathe and the medication was no longer supporting his frail frame. With his head on the lap of one of the team he quietly passed away. The team were tired and deflated to lose a horse in such a terrible way. They pushed on and focused their attention on Zippy and Bungle who also required a high level of treatment, including a course of steroid treatment for an encysted internal parasite burden.

Two other horses had remained at the field as their condition was much better than George, Zippy and Bungle’s and we had no proof that they had the same owner. In January 2016, despite warnings from the RSPCA, the two remaining horses’ care had not improved and they were also taken into the charity. Thankfully all four are now in much better health and are looking forward to find their Friend for Life under our rehoming scheme.

Yesterday, the owner of these horses pleaded guilty in court under Section 4 and Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The owner received an 18 week custodial sentence, a lifetime ban, a 12 month electronic tag and was charged for part of the court costs, made payable to Bransby Horses.

If you can offer a loving home to a rescued horse, please visit our Rehoming page.