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How a Legacy Saved Syd’s Life

13th September 2016

In 2015, a kind supporter named Sydney Richard Price, left a substantial legacy to Bransby Horses to help secure our future. Around this time, our External Welfare Team rescued a young stallion from a riverbank near Cowle, Lincolnshire. In memory of Sydney, this young stallion was named ‘Syd’.

Sadly, a liver biopsy confirmed that Syd was suffering from suspected ragwort poisoning and vets didn’t expect him to live very long. To add to his problems, he was also suffering from an internal parasite infestation and struggled to maintain weight over winter.

However, fast forward a year and we are delighted to report that not only is Syd still with us, his health has also dramatically improved. Vets took another liver biopsy in spring 2016 and the results were astounding! His liver function has improved and there are now no concerns about his long-term health.

He is currently enjoying life on the Peter Hunt Yard and is a pleasure to handle. We hope that in the future Syd will find a ‘Friend for Life’ under our rehoming scheme and make somebody a wonderful companion pony.