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Horses Running Loose on Humber Bridge Safe at Bransby Horses

30th August 2018

Bransby Horses collected four young horses at the request of Humberside Police. The four horses hit the local headlines when they were seen and filmed running loose across the Humber Bridge on Sunday 26th August around 6pm.

Luckily Humberside Police were able to stop the horses, and they were temporarily moved to safety at a local vets’ practice. Bransby Horses were contacted, and the horses were brought back to the quarantine yard at the charity.

The horses named by staff as Lincoln, Leicester, York and Hamilton, are all expected to be under a year old, but are in a good condition despite their ordeal. They are all extremely nervous, so staff are allowing the group time to adjust and settle in their new surroundings before beginning their handling.

Thankfully, none of the group sustained any injuries or caused any major road incidents although, this could have been the reality. The team will now work on building the trust and confidence of these young horses, and slowly begin to interact with them. However, with limited information about their past and no owner coming forward it is hard to know what the group have experienced, which makes a challenging task for welfare staff working with them.

Bransby Horses is solely funded on donations and can only continue their dedicated work to rescuing equines in need and improving equine welfare with the support of the public. To find out more ways of how you can help please click here