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Bordeaux and Toulouse

29th August 2018

Bransby Horses have two new arrivals after a call for help from the RSPCA.

The mare and stallion, named by staff as Bordeaux and Toulouse, were identified as welfare concerns when their body and feet condition were reported by members of the public earlier in the year. They are believed to be aged between 6 and 8 years.

Their situation became increasingly dangerous after their fencing was cut down and they ventured onto roads, endangering their own lives and the lives of the public.

Quick thinking passers-by managed to contain them along a side road whilst temporary accommodation could be arranged. The pair were understandably nervous and scared so required veterinary support to sedate them before travelling, to ensure the safety of both the horses and staff.

The two cobs are now settling into their new environment at Bransby Horses and are still extremely nervous but are responding well to their handling routine. The handling they have previously received has been limited so the team will concentrate on building their confidence over the coming weeks. Following this, Bordeaux will be castrated before leaving the quarantine yard and the team will investigate whether Toulouse is in foal, in order to adapt their management.

Bransby Horses is solely funded by donations and without the kind generosity of our supporters, would not be able to help rehabilitate and improve the welfare of horses like Bordeaux and Toulouse.

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