24th June 2022

Say hello to Pumba Pumba is now ready to find a home as a ridden pony. Pumba is looking for a perfect partner who is experienced and can keep her busy mind active whilst continuing with her education. She is a very sweet young lady who has taken all aspects of her ridden learning in…

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23rd June 2022

Hay you, have you met Cherub? Cherub is looking for a home as a lead rein pony. *Cherub is not located at our Bransby Horses site* Cherub is a lady on the more mature side of life- but don’t let that put you off. She still has a zest for life and all it has…

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19th May 2022

Say hello to Brandy! Brandy is now ready to find his new home as a ridden pony. Brandy is a very sweet and loving gentleman who is an all-round family pony. He has been ridden both on and off the lead rein; though would be best suited as a second pony as if he feels…

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18th May 2022

Hay you, have you met Nemo? Nemo is now looking for a home as a project. Nemo is a very laid back boy. Not much phases this sweet lad and he takes everything in his stride. His favourite pastime is standing in the field for a groom and a fuss; falling asleep with his head…

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24th February 2022

Say hello to Parsnip! Parsnip is now ready to be rehomed as a non-ridden Companion. Parsnip is an eye-catching gentleman with good looks in abundance. He has a sweet and passive temperament and can find himself getting worried in new and unfamiliar situations. We have found that with a calm and patient handler who is…

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16th January 2022

Hay you, have you met Trewella? Trewella is now looking for a home as a non-ridden companion. Trewella is a sensitive mare with a lot of intelligence who requires a bit of patience and understanding in order to build a relationship with you. Once that relationship is there, she will happily work through any worries…

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1st November 2021

Say hello to Joel! Joel is looking for a loving home as a non-ridden companion. Joel is a very handsome, sweet and calm boy. He can be a bit spooky if not accompanied by his friends but otherwise has a relaxed nature. He would love a home where he can be pampered and always have companionship…

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