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Horse Rescued From Dangerous Roundabout

11th December 2017

Bransby Horses collected Dougal, named after the programme the Magic Roundabout, on Wednesday 6th December in response to a call from the Police. Dougal had been abandoned on a roundabout in the Hull area which was a potentially dangerous situation for him and motorists in the area. Despite the Police launching an appeal for information, no owner has come forward or been identified.

As staff approached Dougal he became very vocal and carried on his high pitched excitement for the one hour journey back to the Animal Reception Centre. We can only assume he had been told about the Bransby Horses Christmas Fayre and fancied his chances as a soloist with the brass ensemble.

Despite his outgoing personality, three-year-old Dougal has presented some worrying findings. The biggest health concern is his twisted spine and pelvis, which is making it difficult for him to express natural movement. This could be caused by a birth defect or be the result of a previous injury but without any background information from a previous owner it is hard to determine the cause.

Dougal also has marks and cuts over his body which require immediate attention, his tail was covered in his own excrement and his teeth are very sharp suggesting he has not had any dental attention for some time. Tests and a full veterinary examination will now determine the most appropriate steps to take for poor Dougal.

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