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Multi-Agency Rescue Shires Arrive at Bransby Horses

21st November 2017

Two weeks ago, Bransby Horses supported a multi-agency round-up operation to rescue 19 Shire horses and has subsequently taken two in to charity care. The rescue was headed by Redwings Horse Sanctuary and supported by numerous welfare charities.

The two Shire horses, named Honour and Passchendaele by staff, are thought to be mother and daughter. Their group included other mares with foals at foot and stallions, so Bransby Horses has included pregnancy checks along with the other routine tests which are carried out on new arrivals.

Redwings received a call to the charity’s welfare line from a landowner about a large group of Shire horses fly-grazing on his land. Notices were issued for the owner to claim the horses, but sadly to no avail. Under the Control of Horses Act 2015 (England), ownership was subsequently transferred to the landowner who requested the help of Redwings to secure the future of the horses as he was not able to provide the specialist care these heavy horses require.

Concerns were also raised for the welfare of the horses with the onset of winter and in light of the youngsters and foals being completely unhandled.

Two-year-old Honour and seven-year-old Passchendaele have received much needed attention from a farrier and will now remain in the charity’s Animal Reception Centre for a minimum of six weeks whilst they complete their quarantine period.

A full assessment after this period will then determine their suitability for further training and then hopefully in the future rehoming.