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Equivizor Donation Aids Charity Horse’s Sarcoid Recovery

13th November 2017

Equivizor UK has kindly donated a Recovery Equivizor mask to support a rescued resident at Bransby Horses with his recovery from sarcoid removal and treatment.

Willem, a four-year-old Welsh cob, had a sarcoid adjacent to his right eye removed by the charity’s Veterinary Consultant and leading sarcoid expert, Jeremy Kemp-Symonds, with CO2 laser ablation surgery and subsequent bleomycin chemotherapy. Following treatment the resulting surgical wound required protection from contamination, flies, UV rays and Willem rubbing his eye.

Equivizor UK sent the Recovery Equivizor, which is worth £195, for Willem and it will also be used for other equines when similar cases arise in the future. The mask was designed for horses suffering uveitis, recovering from eye surgery or for protection from habitual eye scratching. It is made of light-UV-tinted PVC and features a UV-resistant fly mesh for extra protection.

Said Penny Hill, the owner of Equivizor UK: “We donated one of our Recovery Equivizors to Bransby Horses because we have a lot of respect for those that help equines in need; we understand the amount of work that goes into equine charities and we like to do everything we can to help.”

Willem has previously had sarcoids removed from his thigh, abdomen and left eye, so Bransby Horses hope his most recent treatment will be his last so he can find a foster home.

The charity’s vital rescue and welfare work is funded entirely by public donations and legacies, so Equivizor UK’s support is very much appreciated. To find out more about their products please visit