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Disney finds her ‘Friend for Life’

15th January 2018

Disney arrived with other horses in 2015 at the request of the RSPCA as their welfare was being compromised. When the group arrived, they were in a poor condition and received treatment from the team. When Disney arrived she was 19 years old already and wouldn’t be suitable for a ridden career, therefore following her rehabilitation at the charity, she was rehomed as a companion.

Disney is now enjoying her golden years with fosterer Jeanette in Cambridgeshire as a companion to 30-year-old Rambo, who retired from show jumping and dressage 11 years ago, and Patch who has returned home following his rehabilitation after surgery. Disney has settled well into her new life, following Jeanette around when she’s poo picking, being brushed and occasionally looking out for muntjac deer! Disney is also becoming accustomed to the farrier through time and patience, which is great news as she was initially very nervous having her feet trimmed.

Disney is very much enjoying her life as a companion and has even made a new friend in her home (pictured) who loves coming to visit her in the field.