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Collaborative Welfare Work Reaches Milestone Achievement

26th October 2018

Over the past three years, Bransby Horses has been assisting the British Horse Society to deliver healthcare and education clinics all over the country, to aid with the equine crisis which saw a number of equines abandoned or neglected over the last decade. Last week a team from the charity assisted at another clinic in West Yorkshire where 69 horses were in attendance, this takes the total number of horses seen over the last three years to over 1000, of which 483 have been castrated.

The British Horse Society first initiated the clinics in 2015 where various welfare charities worked collaboratively to try and reduce the numbers of horses being abandoned or neglected. The clinics have now developed to tackle the issue by giving advice and support as well as the providing vital education to owners to help them care for their animals and prevent further abandonment and neglect.

Bransby Horses are delighted to have been involved with the project and will continue their collaborative work with The British Horse Society and other attending welfare organisations to help improve the future welfare of an animal. Thank you also to BEVA Trust for the voluntary veterinary services at the events, without this vital resource the clinics would not have the same impact.