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Bransby Horses Rescues Neglected Horses at Request of RSPCA

21st January 2019

Bransby Horses is one of the UK’s largest equine welfare charities who currently care for more than 400 animals. They are dedicated to improving the lives of neglected horses, donkeys and mules to give them the chance of a better future.

On the 14th September 2018, Five Arab horses were taken into the care of Bransby Horses at the request of the RSPCA as it was evident, following veterinary opinion, that they were suffering, and their welfare was compromised.

Two of which (Aladdin and Jafar) were so badly neglected that they were discovered trapped inside their stable, with old rotting bedding reaching the top of the door. Staff had to dig to free the neglected stallions and found them to be in a terrible state. The lack of professional farrier treatment meant that their hooves had overgrown to the extent of curling, causing them a great deal of pain and impairing their movement significantly. The same could be said for two grey mares (Sahara and Jasmine) that had been kept in the paddock outside. A third mare (Jessica) was removed from the property as she had bonded to the other mares although her feet were much less of a concern. Luckily, Bransby Horses were able to rescue all five horses from the property.

On arrival at Bransby Horses, the injured horses were immediately sedated, and X-rays were taken, confirming worrying findings of internal infection, alongside dangerous bone and arthritic changes within the hooves. The animals received instant pain relief and professional care, but veterinary prognosis remained guarded due to concerns over concurrent laminitis and osteoarthritis.

As with every case, Bransby Horses worked closely with a veterinary team to explore all avenues of treatment and pain relief. Sadly, sometimes the absolute kindest option is to end the life of a horse with nothing but suffering in its future. That was sadly the outcome for Aladdin, Jafar and Sahara. The owner was taken to court where they pleaded guilty and received instant deprivation, disqualification, a custodial suspended sentence, an 18-month community order and all of the court costs that go with that.

Today, Jasmine and Jessica are responding well to treatment, and with continuous and generous support from the public, Bransby Horses will continue to save equines all across the UK.