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Bransby Horses Successfully Use EquiSal Tests to Reduce Tapeworm Infections

2nd August 2016

We are delighted to report that the EquiSal test kits have proved to be a successful and reliable method of managing tapeworm infections in our herds. Rather than routine worming for tapeworm, we carry out the EquiSal test (saliva swab) and only worm horses with a borderline or moderate/high result. The test is carried out every six months, in autumn and spring.

After testing with EquiSal Tapeworm in autumn 2015, only horses diagnosed as borderline or moderate/high were treated. Routine testing six months later generated very favourable results, with a reduction (41%) in the number of horses requiring treatment.

Most of the horses (92%) originally diagnosed as low, remained low six months later and the majority of horses (77%) that required treatment in autumn 2015 were diagnosed as low in spring 2016.

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