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Bransby Horses starts phase 2 of EFCC; Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign

15th November 2019

Having been hit with unprecedented rain over the last week, Bransby Horses has faced losing at least 40% of its invaluable land for many months to come.

With over 450 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules on its Bransby site the floods have already meant the urgent moving of over 100 equines to dry temporary areas. This is not a long term solution and the land that has been affected will be unusable for the foreseeable future due to contamination and a need to reseed much of the land.

Days after the two valves were closed by The Environment Agency on 8th November 2019, saving thousands of homes in Lincolnshire from the floods, temporarily both valves have been opened, helping some of the Charity’s fields be relieved of water.

Unfortunately, with more rain due to hit over the next 7 days, the valves are now due to be shut again, and so the longer term plan to move 100 equines to their Barlings site has become more urgent than ever.

Jo Snell, Chief Executive explains:

“We’re still very much in phase 1 of our Flood Response Strategy. The priority for our teams in this first phase is about keeping ourselves and our vulnerable 450 equines well and free from harm.

“We’re managing, but only by digging deep, and putting in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication 24 hours a day. I’m overwhelmed with how amazing our teams are. Trudging through mud for hours in the torrential rain and winds is inspiring to witness and be part of. I couldn’t be more proud of every single member of this charity.

“We’re hoping to enter phase 2 imminently because our conditions are worsening and the need to move our equines to Barlings, and to keep those staying at Bransby safe, is getting critical.”

Emma Carter, Director of Equine Welfare, says:

“Phase two, which we’ve been planning, and are expecting to start implementing in the next few days, should the weather conditions allow, will see teams from all departments working towards gaining the support and finances to start developing our Barlings site, ready for the urgent relocation of up to 100 horses.”

“The site at Barlings was purchased with this type of contingency in mind, however it is far from ready to receive horses and the sundries that are required to keep them there. We urgently need help from skilled tradespeople and to begin purchasing many significant items to help get the site ready to transport equines to soon”.

The Charity will today be publicising on its website and social media channels the first draft list of required support and purchases they will need to make the Barlings site habitable for the 100 equines who will reside there and for the staff who will care for them.

The long list of requirements includes large scale items such as temporary shelters, stables and toilets, through to everyday items, necessary to support the staff and keep them dry and safe, such as fire extinguishers, buckets, wheelbarrows, a kettle, microwave and lockable cabinets.

The hope is to move the equines by 10th December at the latest. To help the Charity, visit or email