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Parsnip, Lincoln and York get ready to find new homes after the floods

19th November 2019

In the aftermath of an exceedingly challenging ten day stretch the flood waters have finally started to recede. The effects on the grazing land might not be as apparent as when they were underwater but the damage is significant and long lasting.

The recent floods at the Bransby Horses site has put into motion a period of huge change as we adapt our long term strategies and day to day running to accommodate the vast reduction of land on offer for the 450 equines currently living at our Bransby site.

With the current crisis and its long term effects in mind our charity’s focus to secure suitable long term homes for our equines has never been so essential.

Our rehoming team are now working hard with the support of a variety of other departments across the charity to find the perfect match for all of our available equines. Alongside this, the teams on the yards continue, with selected equines, their bespoke training plans which will give them the skills to thrive in new environments outside of the charity.

Today we see the start of the rehoming campaigns for Parsnip (bottom left), Lincoln (above) and York (bottom right). Many months of training has taken place to help these ponies along the path to then begin the search for their Friend for Life home.







Here they are enjoying their first photoshoot ready to star on our Bransby Horses website. With these photographs we endeavour to capture the ponies at their best angles and highlight their fabulous personalities.

Given the time of year and the additional pressure on our resources Parsnip, Lincoln and York haven’t had the shampoo and set they would usually receive but we’re sure you’ll agree that they look wonderful all the same!

The majority of our equines arrive at the charity as part of welfare cases and therefore it is a long journey to the point where they are in a position to be rehomed. The team at Bransby Horses makes a promise to each and every equine that they will be given the opportunity to be loved, cared for and treated with respect and, where possible, we offer them a second chance at life in a loving foster home as part of our successful Friend for Life Scheme.

In our time of crisis, it is a boost to the Bransby Horses staff who are working in tough circumstances to see the results of their hard work through the regular updates we receive from our fosterers. It never fails to lift the spirits to see the pony that arrived emaciated and full of parasites now full of life and winning rosettes at local shows, or the old thoroughbred that had given their all on the track only to be abandoned when they could no longer carry out their job, now living out their golden years as a companion to another old friend. These are the journeys we travel on with every equine that arrives at the gates of Bransby Horses.

These three ponies, prime examples of these amazing journeys, Parsnip, Lincoln and York will appear on our website this week, ready to receive applications.

Please visit the rehoming pages for more details on the rehoming process and what the rehoming team look for when searching for a perfect match.