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Bransby Horses Horsey Handwash

23rd March 2020

Bransby Horses has created a Horsey Hand Wash demonstration video to guide their dedicated staff on how best to keep safe by keeping their hands clean. We wanted to share this video at this unprecedented time as it may help others remember the key steps to proper hand washing.
The charity, having seen many demonstration videos over the last weeks, felt that remembering each of the 6 steps was a challenge. In our usual ‘Bransby way’ the charity has made it our own.
Alex Kinnear-Mellor, Marketing Manager, says: “Although we’re closed to the public, our vital care work for over 350 horses at our Bransby and Barlings sites can’t stop for a moment. Our dedicated staff are still coming into work to ensure these incredible animals are kept safe and live the life they deserve. We are following Government guidelines on keeping safe distances and as you’ll see from this video, washing our hands efficiently, and with a smile when possible!”

On our Facebook page we’ve also invited supporters to share videos of them doing their own version of the Horsey Hand Wash.

The 6 step Horsey Hand Wash:

  • Warm your hands
  • Stroke the donkey
  • Muck-out the stable
  • Scratch the cob
  • Mix the feed
  • Wash the buckets