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Care Connection: #1

2nd April 2020

Last week we sent out the first of many handwritten letters we have committed to posting to care homes and sheltered accommodation near our Bransby, Lincolnshire site.

The letters are simple updates on some of our notable equine residents and the staff who work with them. The purpose of these letters are to add a bit of variety and stimulation for those currently isolated in these homes, often without outside connection.

Our commitment is, twice a week, to send a handwritten letter to each site, encouraging carers and wardens to read the letter aloud to residents, and if they so wish, to copy the letter to give out individually.

The first two letters have had a great response – and so we are now sharing them on our website for anyone else who might find comfort in these updates. Please feel free to have a read and share with others.

If you have a care home or sheltered accommodation you would like us to consider sending a regular letter to, we would be happy to see if we can add to the post. Our commitment is our time and the cost of two stamps per week per home. We believe this small spend, is a good use of charity funds at such an unprecedented time, in order to fight off loneliness and let people around us know we care for them as well as the hundreds of four-legged residents on our sites and in foster homes.

Our first letter – 27th March 2020

Dear Residents and Friends,

Today we’re writing to you as part of a regular communication we at Bransby Horses, at Bransby near Saxilby, are sending to those who aren’t able to visit us, and our horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, at this challenging time.
We hope these regular insights will enable your imagination to bring you here to us as we care for over 350 animals at our site.

We’re aware that the happenings might not seem to be the most thrilling, but to us, everyday, keeping these horses and donkeys happy and well brings us a thrill everyday.

We hope that you can share with us, the little everyday occurrences that our staff and four-legged residents experience 365 days a year, come rain or shine.

Today as this letter is written, the sun is beaming down on us. A small mercy at this trying time.

Our staff who care for the equines on the yards are deemed as key workers for now. Fortunately they can come into Bransby to care for the animals, whilst the office staff are working from their homes. As you can imagine the yard staff are very busy as some aren’t able to get in, but as anyone knows us will know our four-legged friends are being looked after with true love and dedication.

So what has occurred so far today in this glorious sunshine? Well on the Peter Hunt yard there’s a breeze but we won’t stop some hay blowing away stop us, it just means that a little cob named Uno might get a cheeky bit extra hay before we pick it up! He really is the most cheekiest of youngsters!

We are due a visit from Lara the vet this afternoon to check over some of Uno’s friends, though a particularly pretty pony, Mississippi, will only be getting a cuddle as she doesn’t need to be seen this week. However, this won’t stop her from her usual nuzzling of vet pockets, as she searches for the delicious treats in there!

With all the sunshine, the youngsters on the yard are having a whale of a time. This morning, whilst giving out the morning feeds, another mischievous youngster named Edward, kept stealing the bucket from Jem, which she wasn’t best pleased with. But you can’t stay cross with such a stunning thoroughbred boy for long! He is a true charmer.

There’s lots more we could tell you about and we will in our next letter. If you want to see some pictures and you have access to the internet please go out Facebook page, Facebook/Bransbyhorses or our website:
Next week we might be able to print off some photos for you too.

Please let us know what you think of this regular communication and anything else you’d like writing about, and we’ll do our best.

We’re all in this together and in-between dealing with cheeky and gorgeous horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, we’re thinking of you.

Love from,
The Bransby Team