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Parsnip, Lincoln and York get ready to find new homes after the floods

19th November 2019

In the aftermath of an exceedingly challenging ten day stretch the flood waters have finally started to recede. The effects on the grazing land might not be as apparent as when they were underwater but the damage is significant and long lasting. The recent floods at the Bransby Horses site has put into motion a…

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Bransby Horses starts phase 2 of EFCC; Emergency Flood Crisis Campaign

15th November 2019

Having been hit with unprecedented rain over the last week, Bransby Horses has faced losing at least 40% of its invaluable land for many months to come. With over 450 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules on its Bransby site the floods have already meant the urgent moving of over 100 equines to dry temporary areas….

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11th November 2019

The welfare of over 450 horses, donkeys, ponies and mules, have been put at risk today following the overwhelming floods that have hit Bransby Horses since Friday 8th November 2019. As many parts of the country have been hit with flooding, none have been more so than this Lincolnshire equine rescue and welfare charity. On…

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