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Arab horses Esme and Genie get a second chance at life

28th October 2019

Last year, Bransby Horses were involved in a rescue with the RSPCA and other equine charities across the UK to rescue a number of Arab horses being kept in very poor conditions.

 Ryan Rouse, Head of External Welfare at Bransby Horses was present at the rescue:

 “The horses were in such poor condition when we arrived. Some were visibly showing they were in a lot of pain by restricted movement or trembling. Some were unable to walk out when caught because of how steep the muck was inside; the sheer weight of dirt inside had pushed through the doors which made it impossible to access the stables easily. Their feet were twisted and overgrown. The entire site was dirty and unsuitable for any animal.”

 Two of the horses are now in the care of Bransby Horses, with others being cared for by other equine charities. Esme is a white grey mare who is 15 years old and Genie is a steel grey mare who is five years old. The pair are very timid but learning to trust the Bransby Horses team and getting the treatment they need to give them the best chance of a happy and healthy life.

 Ryan Rouse added:

“This rescue was too big for one organisation alone but by working together with the RSPCA, HAPPA, World Horse Welfare and Redwings, with excellent vet support, the team were able to make a huge impact on all the horses that were saved.”

Esme and Genie will continue to receive care and support from the Bransby Horses team. Both are still receiving specialist treatment and will continue to do so for as long as is needed. It’s not just the medical and physical aspects that are being addressed but also the emotional recovery. Through knowledge, caring and patience, each horse will learn to trust the team at the charity, make a recovery and get the second chance at life they deserve, after their traumatic experience.