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Bransby Horses team at Appleby Fair

Appleby and Brigg Horse Fairs: Our work in the community

24th October 2022

Bransby Horses has attended the world famous Appleby Horse Fair for many years and 2022 was no exception.

As a charity we work alongside other organisations such as the RSPCA, Redwings Horse Sanctuary and the police, monitoring equine health and welfare.

This year was one of the biggest fairs yet following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions which had prevented it going ahead in 2020 and saw it scaled down in 2021.

Appleby Horse Fair, also known as Appleby New Fair, is an annual gathering of in the town of Appleby in Cumbria and has traditionally taken place in June for over 250 years.

It attracts around 10,000 people, over 1,000 caravans, scores of horse-drawn vehicles and some 30,000 visitors.

Traditional cobs and trotters are bought and sold at the fair where some are washed in the river and others are trotted along the ‘flashing lane’ over the three days.

Bransby Horses are part of a project which is made up of a number of teams, including veterinary, logistics, equine information, and engagement and enforcement.

When we are there we provide 24 hour equine care and transport for animals that need it, along with the Blue Cross as part of the logistics team supporting the vets and RSPCA.

Our Welfare Manager, Rachel Jenkinson, said: “This year’s fair was one of the biggest we’ve seen. There were some beautiful horses on show and we were pleased to be able to engage with horse owners who attended.

“Our role is to be there to offer advice and help where needed and to assist with any welfare issues that need addressing, such as horses being overworked across the four-day fair.”

Brigg Horse Fair

In August this year Bransby Horses also attended Brigg Horse Fair.

Dating back hundreds of years, Brigg is another fair where Travellers from all over the UK attend to trade horses.

It is the second largest horse fair in the country after Appleby, attracting thousands of visitors.

Bransby Horses attended Brigg for the first time this year having been invited to work alongside the RSPCA.

Bransby Horses External Welfare Officer Kate said: “It went really well, we had no concerns for any of the horse’s welfare there and were able to let people know about the health clinics we do with the British Horse Society throughout the year.”

Bransby Horses will continue to attend Appleby and Brigg Horse Fairs as part of our commitment to improving equine welfare and equine knowledge throughout the UK.


Bransby Horses team at Appleby Fair
Dinky pony at the fair
Shetland pony with the Bransby Horses Welfare team
Great things come in small packages