Belle & Lollypop

Under Application

Description: Belle, Shetland Mare – 9 Years Old, Lollypop, Shetland Mare – 5 years old

History: Belle arrived at Bransby Horses in 2012 as part of a welfare case along with five other Shetlands. Belle was pregnant on arrival and gave birth to Lollypop in 2013. Belle & Lollypop are currently in a lovely home but due to a change in circumstances they are now looking to move on to pastures new.

Behaviour and Handling: Belle & Lollypop’s current foster home has kindly supplied some information regarding her experience with Belle & Lollypop;

“The first words that come to mind about them is that they are low maintenance cuties.  They fit in easily with the herd and they are good for vet and farrier as well as being easy to catch. They love to run with the others and are not too fat even though I have not restricted them. They love each other but are still friendly with the others”

Use: Belle & Lollypop are being rehomed together as companion ponies. They can live with equines that are of a similar size and with similar grazing needs to their own.

If you are interested in rehoming Belle and Lollypop please click here to find out more.