Amber & Tiara

Under Application

Description: Amber 7hh, Chestnut Roan, Shetland, Mare.
Tiara 7hh, Piebald, Shetland, Mare.

Age:  Amber – 11 Years.
Tiara – 12 Years.

History: Amber and Tiara came to Bransby Horses at the start of 2018 as part of a legacy. 

Behaviour and Handling: Amber is a very sweet little lady who loves to come up and greet you with cuddles and kisses. She enjoys being pampered and can often be found snoozing whilst being groomed. Amber is extremely laid back and would be suitable to be around young children as she loves attention and just wants to be loved. A family home would be perfect for her as she is very keen to be spoilt and showered with affection! She is very good to handle and is never strong. Amber will require restricted grazing as she has a tendency to gain weight. She also benefits from having a hay/straw mix as part of her weight control diet.

Amber’s best friend is Tiara and ideally they would like to be rehomed together as they share a strong bond. Tiara is a beautiful Shetland who is a little more timid than Amber but draws confidence from her friend. She loves to be groomed and when she gets to know you she is very keen for cuddles. Tiara would benefit from a one to one home as this will allow her to gain trust in her Friend for Life and create a partnership with her human companions.

Use: Amber and Tiara are being rehomed as companion ponies. With time and patience they could potentially take part in local shows.

If you are interested in rehoming Amber and Tiara, please click here.