Companion with Potential
2 years
12 hh

Hay you, have you met Wombat?

Wombat is now ready to find his home as a Companion with Potential.

Wombat is a handsome youngster who oozes potential. He is looking for a Perfect Partner who has experience of young equines who can help him continue to mature and develop, with a view that once he is old enough he could begin his education to become a ridden, lead rein or even driven pony. He can be a little shy when he first meets you but with time, patience and consistency his personality shines through.

More information:

Description – Wombat is a 2 year old, 12hh, piebald, cob gelding. 

Stabling/Shelter – Wombat currently lives out 24/7 with access to a field shelter. He will happily stable with other equines in sight. 

Companionship – Currently living in a small herd of 3 geldings. 

Forage/Feed – No hard feed given and he is on average grazing. He will need his weight monitoring as his continues to grow and develop.


Feet – Wombat is barefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. He needs to stay in a consistent routine of having his feet picked out as this is something he was very worried about when he first arrived at Bransby Horses.

Dentist – Sedated as part of Bransby Horses procedure.

Vet – Good

Clip – Wombat has not been clipped whilst at Bransby Horses.