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12 years
13.3 hh

Hay you, have you met Solero?

Solero is looking for her new home as a non-ridden companion.

Highly intelligent, inquisitive and loving, Solero is a beautiful girl who is looking for a home where she can be kept mentally stimulated with in-hand walks to explore, enrichment and other in-hand activities. She is good to do in all ways, though would benefit from someone with experience of stronger horses, as she can become a little strong when in a new and unfamiliar environment. Once Solero has formed a bond with you, she will shower you with love and affection and has a lot to give to her Perfect Partner.

More information:

DescriptionSolero is a 12 year old, 13.3hh, bay, Trotter X mare.

Stabling/Shelter – She lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter. She will also happily stable.

CompanionshipSolero lives in a mixed herd of mares and geldings. She is passive within the group and sits in the middle of the hierarchy. 

Forage/Feed – Solero is not on any hard feed at present and is supplemented with low-calorie hay when grazing becomes too sparse or she is stabled.

Rugs – Not needed.

Ailments –  N/A

Medication – N/A

Vices –  N/A

Feet – Barefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. She is good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Vet –  No ongoing medical issues, though she does display intermittent lameness which has ruled her out of a ridden career. 

Clip – She is good to clip.