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13 years
13 hh

Say hello to Snip

Snip is a strikingly handsome boy with a muzzle designed for kisses! While he is very affectionate and loving, he is a sensitive boy who see’s his stable as a safety blanket and benefits from a lot of his interactions happening in there (Vet, farrier etc).

He has a personality that will draw you in and make you want to build that bond with him to see what else he has to offer under that shy exterior. He can be shy when being caught, but a food reward will certainly entice him and Snip loves going for in hand walks to explore as well as any opportunity to put his brain to something new such as desensitization work and in hand activities.

Snip is looking for an experienced perfect partner who will have the time to build a bond with him and understands the quirks he has due to his past experiences. Snip will need to be in a quiet home environment with not too many comings and goings as he becomes very worried by loud noises and lots going on.

More information:

Description – Snip is a 13 year old, 13hh, bay, Welsh gelding.

Stabling/Shelter – Snip currently lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter and benefits at present from the majority of his handling being done in his stable as he views this as his safety net and a comfort blanket.

Companionship – Snip has lived with both mares and geldings. When housed with mares he is passive; when in a mixed herd or solely with geldings he sits toward the top of the hierarchy. 

Forage/FeedNo hard feed given and restricted grazing to appropriately manage his weight. When grazing becomes too sparse he is supplemented with low calorie hay. He will need appropriate management to keep is EMS and history of laminitis in check. 

Rugs – Not needed.

Vices – Snip is a sensitive boy who can become worried in new, unfamilliar and busy situations.

Medication – N/A

Feet – Due to being sensitive on hard and stony ground, Snip is shod in front to keep him comfortable. He is good for this however he does become a little worried when the nails are being hammered. A feed distraction and being shod in his stable helps him with this. He would benefit from a patient and understanding farrier.  

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Vet – Snip has EMS and a history of laminitis. Snip can be worried by vets and needles. Interactions are best had in his stable and a food distraction helps to calm his nerves and he is generally good in this set up. He would benefit from a patient and understanding vet.