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21 years
13.3 hh

Say hello to Darwin

Darwin is looking for his home as a non-ridden companion.

Handsome, with a larger than life personality which brings a smile to his handlers on a daily basis, Darwin is hoping you can see past his age and have space in your heart and home for him. Darwin believes that age is just a number and he still has a real zest for life, with a lot of making up to do in terms of getting all the love he can from his handlers. He adores human interaction, attention, and he is usually the first to greet you with a whinny when he spots you approaching in the mornings, subsequently following you around the field politely for cuddles and scratches should they be on offer.
Gelded very late in life on arrival at Bransby Horses, Darwin has only lived with geldings with us however he has recently been stabled next to mares and been on his in-hand walks past mares without putting a hoof wrong. He can be a more dominant boy in the group so would benefit from living with passive geldings who won’t challenge his authority!

Whilst he is a very level-headed gentleman, having had limited life experiences, Darwin would love to find a perfect partner who has plenty of love and patience while he adjusts to a one to one home.

More information:

DescriptionDarwin is a 21 year old, 13.3hh, Welsh, dun gelding.

Stabling/Shelter – Darwin currently lives out 24/7 with access to a shelter, and will happily stable when needed.

Companionship – Darwin lives in a herd of geldings and is dominant within the herd. He was gelded very late in life so would need to live with other geldings only in a home. 

Forage/Feed –  Darwin currently receives a small feed twice a day.

Rugs – In the colder weather, Darwin wears a 300g turnout rug. 

AilmentsDarwin suffers from Uveitis and needs to wear a UV mask through the summer months to keep this protected.

Medication – N/A

Vices –  N/A

Feet –  Darwin is currently shod in front. He is good for the farrier, however has instances of trying to put his back feet down shortly after being picked up.

Dentist –  Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. Darwin has been diagnosed with EOTRH which is a degeneration of teeth usually seen in older horses. This will need appropriate management and if you are interested in rehoming Darwin, we can discuss this further with you. 

Vet – Darwin has a history of laminitis so will need appropriate management to reduce future instances of this.