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12 years
11 hh

Say hello to Chamberlain!

Chamberlain is now ready to find a home as a project.

Chamberlain is a very handsome and sweet young man who is looking for an experienced perfect partner to continue with his education to maintain his progress in becoming a well rounded first or second pony. He is a very inquisitive boy who loves to get involved in anything you’re doing.  He will need someone able to appropriately manage his weight as he has a history of Laminitis so will need weight management to ensure a reduced risk of this reoccurring. Despite being almost in his teens, he is a very low mileage pony and due to this can display some behaviours you would expect of a much younger pony. If he starts to feel bored he has a history of biting, though he has not displayed this behaviour recently and with a competent handler who can spot the warning signs, this is something he should be able to overcome in a home. It is important to note that the nipping is not malicious, he simply has a young brain on she shoulders of an older pony. He would benefit from boundaries and a routine from day one and has fantastic potential to bring a lot of joy to a child’s life.

More information:

Description – Chamberlain is a 12 year old, 11hh, chestnut, gelding mixed breed. 

Is the equine good in traffic – including cars, lorries, tractors, motorbikes and bikes?- Chamberlain has long-lined down the road and is good in traffic

Stabling/ShelterChamberlain can live out 24/7 with access to a shelter and will also happily stable. 

Companionship – Chamberlain can live with both mares and geldings. 

Forage/Feed –  Monitored grazing to appropriately manage his weight. If he is stabled or grazing becomes too sparse over winter, he is supplemented with low-calorie hay. 

Rugs – Not needed.

Feet – Barefoot and trimmed 6 weekly. He is good for the farrier. 

Dentist – Sedated as standard Bransby Horses procedure. 

Vices – Chamberlain has been known to give a little bite if he becomes bored. 

VetChamberlain has a history of laminitis so will need careful weight management in a home. He has also had a bout of sand colic in the past.