Under Application


Description – Casper is a 11.2hh, Grey, Welsh, 10 year old gelding.

History – Casper arrived at Bransby Horses during 2012 as a foal at foot.

Behaviour & Handling – Casper is in his current foster home which is local to Bransby Horses and will be rehomed from there.

” We have had the absolute pleasure of fostering the beautiful Casper. He has been a character full of love, cheekiness and devotion to us all but especially our daughter. Much to our misfortune our daughter is shooting up at a rate of knots and is now at the point that she has outgrown Casper. We feel that Casper needs his next human companion, he thrives on riding and has come on so far and deserves to develop this further.” – A quote from Caspers current fosterer.

Perfect Match – Casper is being rehomed as a lead rein pony with the prospect of coming off lead rein under the guidance of our Rehoming Coach.

Stabling/shelter – Casper can be stabled.

Companionship – Currently lives with geldings.

Forage/feed – Currently on grass with hay over the winter period.

Rugs – Good to rug but doesn’t currently need one.

Ailments – None

Medication – None required

Vices – None

Feet – Currently barefoot.

Dentist – Good

Vet – Good

Good to Catch – Yes

Clipped – Never been clipped.