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VIP Day Round Up 2023

Recently we welcomed friends and supporters of the charity to a special VIP day, going behind the scenes at Bransby Horses and showcasing some of our work.

For those who were able to attend it was an insightful and touching experience and our teams enjoyed being able to meet so many of you. We loved being able to tell you more about the work we do and how you help make that happen.

VIP Day Highlights

Welcomed by our CEO, Jo Snell, and Executive Director of Equine Welfare, Emma Carter, attendees were given an exclusive update regarding the events of the past year that the charity has and will continue to face; including the increasingly worrying Cost of Living Crisis and the impact that this will have on the needs of our services as we come into winter.

Our VIPs watched a demonstration from our Estates Team about the importance of keeping our paddocks clear of droppings to ensure the health of over 300 equines across hundreds of acres of land.

Our Head of Estates, Victoria, and Estates Supervisor, Chris explained how we tackle this enormous task using our field sweepers; machinery that allows us to clear our larger-sized paddocks efficiently.

Next we headed over to our Riding Barn to talk all about physiotherapy and how it can help support our equines through their riding training.

Our wonderful Tarbert and his handler Evie demonstrated a series of exercises that had been recommended by our visiting physiotherapist and how these have and will continue to help young Tarbert strengthen his body ready to become a ridden pony.

In the conference room, our groups were met by Field Officer, Kate and Rider/Trainer, Madison from the Riding Barn to hear Monty’s Welfare to Rehoming journey.

The two groups then reconvened for some refreshments and a break from the heat, before heading out to our Main Arena to see a demonstration on the use of round pens in equine rescues from our Rescue Support Team led by Field Officer, Nadine.

Our guests had one final stop of the day, which was to meet our rescued donkeys of course! Guests enjoyed an educational talk from two of our Equine Welfare Assistants, Sasha and Natalie, to learn all about the differences between donkeys and horses, and how this affects the management of our four donkey herds.

Some of our guests went on to enjoy Afternoon Tea in our cafe, which looked delicious!

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Exclusive VIP Day Video

Get to know our equines

Our equines loved meeting our special guests and getting some extra attention.

Meet Our Rescued Donkeys

The final stop of the day was to meet our rescued donkeys of course!

Sweeper vs Wheelbarrow

Guests watched a demonstration together from our Estates Team about the importance of keeping our paddocks clear of droppings.

Learning about our donkey herds

Guests enjoyed an educational talk to learn all about the differences between donkeys and horses.

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Exclusive VIP Day Gallery

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