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11th April 2017

In May 2016, Bransby Horses received a call from the RSPCA to assist in the rescue of eight equines that were in need of urgent treatment. They were found in an unsuitable field in Collingham, near Newark, with no water or forage. The eight ponies were subsequently seized by the RSPCA under Section 4 and 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and were brought to Bransby Horses. Sadly the horses had a variety of ailments needing immediate treatment from the team at the Animal Reception Centre (ARC), including overgrown feet, emaciation, heavy worm burdens, lameness and lice infestations. Also the mares were potentially in foal.

Nik Nak, Disco, Pringle, Quaver, Frazzle, Wotsit, Sensation, Piper and Walker, named by staff, each had blood samples taken to assess their overall health so that they could be treated effectively. Each horse was wormed and was provided with a specific feeding programme to help them gain weight and to provide them with the correct nutrients. Some of the horses were also provided with medication to support them through the worming process.

Quaver arrived as a very underweight and emaciated mare with a foal at foot, named Wotsit, who Quaver gave everything to keep him strong and healthy. The staff at the ARC worked tirelessly with Quaver to build up her physical strength. Thankfully, Quaver responded well to treatment and she is now living out in a herd on Main Yard and will continue to enjoy the company of her friends.

Nik Nak, presumed heavily in foal, was extremely lame and in desperate need of specialist farrier work; maggots and a deep abscess in her foot were later discovered. Despite her poor health, Nik Nak later gave birth to a healthy foal named Twiglet. Currently living on Main Yard and recovering from an operation to remove a Keratoma (benign tumour), which was also contributing to her lameness, Nik Nak is progressing well on her long journey to recovery, whilst her foal Twiglet is having lots of fun on our Peter Hunt Yard with his other foal friends.

Shortly afterwards, Disco, a very underweight yearling (horse under two years of age) also gave birth to a foal, named Skips, which was a huge surprise to the staff! Skips is now living with his friends Twiglet and Wotsit on the Peter Hunt Yard, they are having lots of fun and every day is a play day!

Sensations, the oldest mare from this group, is now out in a loving foster home under the successful Bransby Horses ‘Friend for Life’ rehoming scheme. Frazzle and Pringle are enjoying living out in herds whilst maturing, until they are old enough to begin their ridden education in the hope that they too, will find a loving home under the ‘Friend for Life’ rehoming scheme.

It is only with public donations and legacies that we can continue with our vital rescue and welfare work, if you could support us, please visit our Donate page.

If you can offer a loving home to a rescued horse, please visit our Rehoming page.

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