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Pudding Knitting Competition

Want to start knitting or crocheting for Bransby Horses? Now is the time to put your nimble fingers to work to bring Pudding, our lovable mascot to life with a fun competition.

The Pudding Knitting Competition is not your average knitting event – it is a fun and creative way to raise money for Bransby Horses. By participating, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of vulnerable horses by knitting or crocheting as many Pudding toys as you can to be used to raise funds for the charity.

Competition details

To enter the competition, simply knit or crochet your version of Pudding – you can use our patterns as guidelines or design your own! Knitted or crocheted Pudding entries will be used to raise money to directly support our work.

Once your creation is complete, we invite you to submit your masterpiece to be judged in our competition. Please package your Pudding securely and include your name, supporter number (if you have one) and contact information. Please check the weight of your parcel to ensure it has the correct postage to arrive safely.

You can send your entry to the following address:
Bransby Horses
Marketing Team, Bransby House,
Bransby, Lincoln LN1 2PH

Closing date

Closing date for all entries is June 30th, 2024.

All Pudding competition entries will be judged based on creativity, craftsmanship and how well your creation embodies the spirit of Pudding and her friends. Extra points will be awarded for incorporating inspiration from the recommended books.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Please note: Sadly entries cannot be returned as all knitted creations will be used to raise vital funds.

Looking for some inspiration?

While there are no strict rules on design, you can take creative inspiration from some of our helpful resources below.

From the vibrant beauty of “Puddings Picnic Panic” to the moving Christmas story of “Puddings Christmas Miracle”, let your imagination run wild and bring your knitted or crocheted Pudding to life with whimsical designs based on our beloved mascot.

Pudding in jumper

Say hello to Pudding

Pudding the fictional Shetland pony was created to represent the many equines rescued by Bransby Horses every year. You can get to know Pudding and our wonderful charity through her story on this page.

Pudding Stories

We have two captivating stories about Pudding for you to buy. Our first book ‘Pudding’s Christmas Miracle’ tells the story of a very special pony that’s been left all alone. But at Christmas something amazing will happen that will change her life forever.

Our second story, ‘Pudding’s Picnic Panic’, is about a cheerful family on a carefree picnic who meet Pudding in a mischievous mood…what could possibly go wrong?

Get our Pudding pattern

To enter the competition, simply knit or crochet your version of Pudding. To help you we have included a couple of patterns to follow for guidance. One pattern is for those who would like to knit and then the other is for those who would like to crochet. There are no strict rules on design, so use your imagination. We have included some resources on this page to help you find some inspiration and get to know Pudding a bit more.

Just simply download our pattern below, or if you would prefer to have this emailed or posted to you let us know by completing the form below. We will send you a copy.

Pudding with vet
can you identify how an equine is behaving? Take our quiz