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Police Horses Retire at Bransby Horses

27th October 2017

Last week we welcomed ex-police horses, Gainsborough and Saratoga, from the London Metropolitan Police. Due to health issues, they are no longer able to continue with their role and have come to Bransby Horses for their well-deserved retirement.

Gainsborough is an 18-year-old, bay gelding who stands at a huge 17.2hh. He was bought by the Police in 2003 as a four-year-old and served for a few years but was retired due to injury. He was later taken out of retirement and brought back into work; however he then showed signs of stifle issues and the decision was permanently retire him. Gainsborough also suffered with breathing difficulties, particularly in fast work or with dry food, so his job in the Police Force would have been too demanding for him.

Saratoga was bought by the Police in 2015 as a four-year-old but soon into his career he became lame. Investigations revealed a ligament tear in his stifle. After a disappointing recovery and return to work the decision was made to retire him. He is slightly smaller than Gainsborough and stands at 16.2hh but has a huge presence and distinctive colouring.

Both horses have settled well at the charity and are enjoying their time in the field together. Their laid back and sweet nature mean they are becoming firm favourites with staff. After their quarantine period at the Animal Reception Centre is complete, the hope is that the pair will join the rest of the retired Police horses up at Walklands Farm where visitors will be able to meet them.