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Ivor and Blue Moon go from underweight to full of energy

25th June 2019

Just a two months ago Thoroughbred Ivor and Warmblood Blue Moon, arrived at Bransby Horses via The British Horse Society welfare team, after the horses’ needs were no longer being met. 

Before coming to Bransby Horses, these two lived in a field next to an old sheep farm. The land was steep and barren and not the best place for the horses to graze. All horses, Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods in particular, need a knowledgeable and hands-on owner. Like other horses, they also need plenty of forage in the colder months, so they can generate more body heat to keep themselves warm.

When they arrived, their body condition score was 0.5 out of 5 and they had overgrown feet. Due to their difficult experience, they also depended heavily on each other for emotional support, meaning they didn’t like to be separated. Despite this they were so well behaved, being handled by our team and getting in and out of the horse boxes.

The horses were reunited on arrival at Bransby Horses after a long journey and were immediately put out into a field with plenty of spring grass to eat. The weather was chilly at the time so they wore rugs, to keep them warm. Within 24 hours, they also had a full vet check, dental treatment and farrier treatment.

Blue Moon may have had a riding education in the past but the first priority of the team was to get them back to a good level of health before the team can consider what happens next. Their feet will take a long time to recover but they are being closely monitored by the team so they are in good hands.

Now, just two months on, we have good news about these well-mannered two. Their feet are still healing and they are putting on weight. Their overall health is looking better but the team still have a lot to do, to try to get them back to full health. So far, this pair are making the most of their time at Bransby Horses and are benefitting from the care and attention of the team.

“As a horse owner, the land and facilities where you keep your animals is very important and the area needs to be safe and free of anything that could be hazardous.  During the winter months, it’s also essential that plenty of forage is provided to maintain their bodyweight and temperature.  Both regular hoof and dental treatments are an important part of a general health routine, if these are overlooked, health issues can occur which are often painful and cause unnecessary suffering.” – Elijah Kettle, Education and Campaign Officer at Bransby Horses.


Ivor Before


Blue Moon Before
Blue Moon After