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Introducing the Rescue Support Team

Introducing Our Rescue Support Team

10th November 2021

Consisting of current employees working across the Farm, ARC and Estates Teams, the Rescue Support Team supports our External Welfare Officers when responding to a variety of equine collections and in multi-agency working, continuing to build and develop our relationships with other organisations.

This may include the collection of a legacy equine, removal of RSPCA case equines, collection of fly grazed or abandoned animals and supporting at Health Care Clinics and Equine Fares, for example. The majority of work is pre-planned but some work is undertaken at short notice, often involving long days with unknown finish times.

The Rescue Support Team are multi-skilled and have specialist knowledge in:

  • Handling and Behaviour
  • Passports and writing ID Charts
  • Scanning and identification
  • Round pen construction and use
  • Towing and travelling
  • Assessing equine health, when to call a vet
  • People skills, dealing with conflict
  • Warrants and what they mean
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Equine legislation including the Animal Welfare Act, Control of Horse Act
  • First Aid
  • Communication
  • Biosecurity
  • Stallions and colts

Rescue Support Team in actionAppleby 2021Appleby RST 2021







The team have already attended Appleby Horse Fair, three BHS Healthcare and Education Clinics, assisted with a Legacy collection, RSPCA group case collection and Bransby Horses sign overs.

A vital part of the Equine Welfare Team at Bransby Horses, Rescue Support Team members are essential in helping us achieve our mission and objectives.