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Gin Ponies’ Update

9th August 2017

Meet the Gin ponies; Bombay, Gordon, Tarquin and Hendrix. You may recognise Bombay and Hendricks from previous news when they were first rescued from grazing dangerously close to a busy road. Gordon was found alone and abandoned and Tarquin was taken into the care of Bransby Horses at the request of his owners, as they were unable to care for him any longer.

After assessment at the ARC, the horses were moved together to the Peter Hunt Yard to continue their handling as they were all believed to be less than two years old and were very nervous. Staff are working hard to build trust and improve the confidence of these young horses, with daily interaction and Intelligent Horsemanship. The ponies are progressing each day with staff reporting Gordon and Tarquin to be the most curious and always willing for a cuddle, whereas Bombay and Hendrix prefer to take it all in at a distance.

It is hoped all four horses will be suitable to move to the Rehoming Barn to start their ridden education and find their ‘Friend for Life’ when they are older. It is with thanks to your support and donations that Bombay, Hendrix, Gordon and Tarquin have been given a second chance. If you would like to contribute towards our rescue and welfare work please visit the ‘Donate Page’, thank you.

Picture caption above: ‘Hendrix, Tarquin and Gordon (L-R)’.

Picture caption below: ‘Bombay’.