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Equine Influenza still an issue – INFORMATION FOR HORSE OWNERS

19th August 2019

Are you a horse owner, getting ready to take part in a competition this weekend?

Cases of equine influenza are on the rise. If you are a horse owner, please take a minute to ensure you’ve taken all precautions to minimise your equine’s risk of contracting the disease.

In March this year 20 cases were confirmed via the Animal Health Trust and in July, there were 50 cases reported.  This rise in numbers demonstrates how important it is for owners to ensure they’re cautious and do all they can to prevent this epidemic continuing to spread.  (Figures correct as of 15/08/2019).   

Equine influenza (equine flu) is a highly contagious viral infection that causes respiratory disease.  An infected equine will often appear depressed, lethargic, display poor energy levels and develop a harsh, dry cough.  Other symptoms include a nasal discharge, lack of appetite and high temperature/fever which can exceed 38.5oC.

When out competing, there is an increased risk of the disease spreading through large volumes of unvaccinated horses mixing.  It is recommended you check with the event organisers what measures they have taken against the spread of equine influenza.  Expert vets are encouraging owners to ensure their equines are vaccinated against the disease and follow simple biosecurity measures to reduce the risk of the disease spreading.

To find out more about Equine Influenza, visit the Information & Advice section of our website: