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Emlyn’s Success Story

31st August 2017

Emlyn came into the care of Bransby Horses in 2012, as part of a group of 65 horses that were being illegally fly-grazed. Following his rehabilitation at Bransby Horses, he found his ‘Friend for Life’ in Nicola Little. Here, Nicola tells us about their journey together so far…

“Emlyn came to live with us in January 2016, as I wanted a companion for my other horse, Sophie. At the time, he was just going to be a companion, but once he had settled in, it became quite apparent that he was very bright, a bit of a character, and it seemed a shame not to do something more with him.

He started off doing lots of ground work in the school, along with walks in hand around the gallops and a little bit out on the road. In the last few months I have started working with a new trainer, Ross Cooper, who has really bought him on, and he is now working nicely under saddle. It is very early stages but he has been an angel and is now walking nicely round the school, doing some cone and pole work, and is starting to learn the aids. In between his lessons, he is still going out for walks to help build his confidence up. He is also doing long reining in the school (which he has picked up really well) and he is weaving in and out of cones and doing a few little jumps (although I have to admit we have to limit these, as he gets pretty speedy and not being as young and fit as him, I struggle to keep up!).

He is a really happy friendly horse who loves being the centre of attention. He seems to enjoy doing everything (apart from maybe having a bath!), but I think his favourite thing and the highlight of the week, is his lesson as he loves learning new things.

He is an absolute joy to have around and I wouldn’t be without him!’’

It’s great to hear how far Emlyn has progressed, we look forward to the next update!