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Celebrating Scarlett’s Perfect Match

16th February 2018

Staff and volunteers are celebrating a successful end to stunning Scarlett’s rescue story. Scarlett arrived at the charity in November 2016 with a concerning case of highly contagious respiratory tract bacterial infection, Strangles. The experienced team quickly identified her symptoms which test results later confirmed as the potentially life-threatening condition.

In additional to Strangles, Scarlett was also underweight, had lice, a heavy worm burden and numerous sore abrasions on her body. Under the care of the Animal Reception Centre Team and vets, Scarlett was soon recovering well, much to the delight of her carers. Her gentle nature found her with quite a fan club at the charity.

Some investigative work from the External Welfare Team uncovered Scarlett’s background and it turned out that she had been a competition horse in a past life which was exciting news as it was hoped we could reintroduce her to her talents and eventually rehome her as a ridden horse. Sadly, it was then discovered that Scarlett suffered with the condition Kissing Spines and the decision was taken to find her the perfect companion home instead.

We are delighted to let you all know that last weekend we waved goodbye to Scarlett as she made her way to pastures new with a wonderful and knowledgeable family who could not hide their smiles! Moments like this are so rewarding and motivating for our staff that care for hundreds of horses through illnesses and diseases and give them dedicated round the clock care.

We would like to say a big thank you to Scarlett’s new family and to all of our fosterers caring for equines who enable us to continue rescuing horses just like Scarlett.

If you are thinking of buying a new equine, or are knowledgeable and have the time and space to give a horse, pony or perhaps a pair of donkeys a caring home and contribute to our important work, please consider a rescue horse and contact us on 01427 787369 or

We have hundreds of equines waiting for their perfect match, from those full of personality who would flourish with an experienced handler, to wonderful laid-back cobs who would make exceptional companions and everything in between!