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Care Connection #3

7th April 2020

Posted 3rd April 2020:


Dear Residents and Friends,

The weather has begun to brighten up again here, much to the delight of a stunning chestnut horse named Sophie. She is now able to enjoy her days with her rug off and sunbathe to her heart’s content, especially as the herd is quieter these days with Arabs Genie and Emerald currently on ‘box rest’.

Genie injured her leg last week and has to have it bandaged up, Lara the Vet said she also needs to keep it as still as possible whilst it heals. Box rest is where she has had to come out of the field and live in the stable for a while. At least she has Emerald for company.

Although they are in a stable they have lots to see as the yard girls go about their daily business, and they can also see Twiggy nearby. Twiggy, a cute but feisty Shetland is currently away from her own herd, practicing her own version of social distancing, as she’s became quiet of late which is very different to her usual, sassy self. However, since she has gone into her own field she is perking up.

Like Emerald and Genie, we’re keeping an eye on her, and recently Lara checked her over just to make sure she was ok. She seems well except for needing to see a dentist for some cleaning. She has a diastema, which is like a gap between two teeth, a gap that shouldn’t be there. The food she eats, like grass and hay, gets stuck in the gap and makes her gum sore. Until the dentist can get here, Lara has given her some pain relief, called Bute, which makes her feel much better.

Donkey Nipper is still out and about on his adventures and has popped by to see both Twiggy and the girls on box rest. He told them all about a pony who was celebrating their birthday today: Poker. Poker, who is Uno’s cousin, was born on mothering Sunday last year. We can’t believe that she is 1 already!

We wonder if you, or anyone you know is celebrating their birthday too?! If so Happy Birthday to you too! We’ve attached some photos of the horses we have told you about, including the birthday girl.

We look forward to writing to you all again next week,

Love from,

The Bransby Team