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Bert’s Story

A tiny stallion’s journey to recovery

In 2022, we were called to one of the worst cases we’d ever seen in Lutton Marsh near Holbeach. There, we found Bert, a tiny blue and white Shetland stallion.

He needed immediate attention and after being kept safe by a kind-hearted horse owner, Bert was placed into our care.



Looking after Bert

He was close to death when he first arrived at Bransby, and it was difficult to know whether he was going to make it.

Bert was painfully thin and in an appalling state, with pressure sores all over his body. His untreated wounds had become infested with maggots and he was suffering from a serious respiratory disease called strangles, which can be fatal if left untreated.

His road to recovery

But Bert had a spark about him.

He was a fighter and soon enough was tucking into his food whilst letting our team tend to his painful wounds.

Despite the terrible ordeal he had been through, his little character was already starting to appear and we were getting more and more hopeful about his chances of survival.

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Can provide feed and forage for equines in our care, currently over 300.

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blue and white healthy falabella stallion stood in a field

The next steps

It took over a year of intensive care and veterinary treatment to get young Bert back to health.

His veterinary treatment alone ran into the thousands and it is only thanks to the generous support of the public that we were able to help him.

The next stage was to try and find Bert a new home…

Check back later for the rest of Bert’s story…

So many more...

We are thrilled that Bert made a miracle recovery.

But there’s still so many equines that need our help.

Your kindness and generosity is the reason we can provide a safe haven for every horse, pony, donkey and mule that comes into our care. We appreciate any support you can give.