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A Little Christmas Hope

20th December 2021

Every horse, pony, mule or donkey rescued by us, Bransby Horses, has a story to tell. When equines first arrive here, the next steps on their journey begin and this couldn’t be demonstrated more than in the story of a little piebald cob called Hope.

From the very beginning, this 10.3hh pony proved how resilient she could be. As a foal she had been the victim of an acid attack.

Under the care of a new owner her wounds healed well but when she was sold on to a private home, Bransby Horses were called for advice and support. As a result, Hope came into the charity’s care where she continued to flourish into a cheeky, fun-loving pony.

Hope’s handler’s put in hours of hard work to help with the sensitivity she had developed from her previous traumas. Lisa, one of Hope’s handlers, said: “Hope is so full of life and just wants lots of cuddles and attention. She loves her training time and is always on her best behaviour.

“We have been helping her to learn to accept routine treatments as she doesn’t like being syringed for worming due to the scarring she has around her nose and mouth.

“Luckily the trauma she suffered as a foal hasn’t broken her spirit and she is such a bubbly, cheeky little cob.”

Hope is now looking for her Perfect Partner this Christmas on our rehoming scheme. If you think you could provide a loving home for Hope, please fill out our application form here.

Hope for Christmas