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Young Ponies Rescued from the Roadside

8th May 2017

Hendricks (black) and Bombay (piebald) were rescued on Thursday 4th May by our External Welfare Team.

The team responded to calls of concern after the ponies were seen grazing dangerously close to a main road not far from the Lincoln centre. With their lives in danger and them being potentially a serious risk to motorists, the team acted quickly to move the ponies.

The team had to carefully round the youngsters up to guide them away from the road and into a trailer, they were far too nervous to touch so the operation to remove them was undertaken with all possible precautions.

Now safe in charity care, the vets are going to assess them but the main aim at the moment is to build their trust. With no owner coming forward, it appears that these two colts, aged approximately nine months, were callously dumped.

Local Police have been informed and we will keep you updated on their progress. Thank you to members of the public for working with us to improve equine welfare, everyone’s support is much appreciated.

To find out more about supporting our vital rescue and welfare work, please visit the Get Involved page.

Hendricks and Bombay