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Woodchip Bedding donated to Bransby Horses

Woodchip Bedding Donation Could Not Have Come at a Better Time

28th November 2023

We are feeling extremely lucky a wood pellets company in Saxilby has donated over £7,000 worth of bedding to us.

Prime Pellets had a surplus of the dust extracted bedding and contacted Bransby Horses to see if they could use the pellets and were delighted to find they would be very well received.

Bransby Horses Estates Operations Manager Chris Foster said: “Honestly this donation could not have come at a better time for us. Having been forced to bring a few of our equines in following the floods and the cost of everything being what it is, this was a truly fantastic gift.

“We would like to say a massive thank you to Prime Pellets.”

Prime Pellets Sales Manager David Camm said: “We make pellets for animal bedding, cat litter and biofuel and we had a surplus because we have just taken over the site in Saxilby. We thought a horse or animal sanctuary would want the wood pellets so we contacted Bransby Horses and was really pleased to hear they could use them.

“I think there was about 20 tons of bedding and we hope to be able to donate more to them in the future.”

Wood pellets can make comfortable and economical horse bedding, being very absorbent, dust free and biodegradable.

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