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Wandering Stallion Signed Over to Bransby Horses

22nd May 2018

Unfortunately, no owner came forward to claim the stallion, Miles, who was found wandering along the A57 last week despite an appeal for information and he has now been signed over to the care of Bransby Horses. Miles continues to be well mannered and a pleasure to look after and is settling into his new life at the charity in the Animal Reception Centre (ARC). With the tether strap around his neck on arrival and his behaviour since arriving, it would appear he hasn’t had much in the way of freedom previously and he is thoroughly enjoying his new-found space out in the field. 

Although he appears in good condition and has no obvious signs of ill health, Miles will now begin his quarantine procedures including a full blood serology to identify any possible underlying health concerns that may require veterinary assistance, as well as checking for infections that could be passed onto other horses living here at the charity. He will also have a visit from the farrier to trim his feet and the dentist to check his teeth are in good order, as well as to determine his approximate age.

As part of the charity’s quarantine procedure, Miles will also be issued with a passport and microchip, receive a flu and tetanus injection and be castrated before leaving the ARC.

Bransby Horses would like to thank kind supporters for their donations and the family that rescued Miles from the busy road. To find out more about how you can help please go to