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Horse and handler

Vets get hands-on equine behaviour training with Bransby Horses

17th March 2023

Bransby Horses were delighted to be able to host an equine behaviour training event this week, which saw vets from all over the country descend on the charity to keep up to date with the latest in this field.

Over 30 specialist vets and nurses came to hear talks from equine behaviour specialist Dr Gemma Pearson BVMS Cert AVP(EM) MScR CCAB PhD MRCVS and social scientist Dr Tamzin Furtado BA (Hons) Adv. Dip PhD.

Dr Pearson’s talk looked at how vets can use behaviour techniques such as clicker training to make their visits less stressful for them and their equine patients.

And Dr Furtado discussed the science behind changing human behaviour to improve animal welfare and how it fits into a vet’s work as an advisor to horse owners.

These fascinating talks were then followed by a practical session in which the vets in attendance tried out some of the techniques with each other and then with the charity’s rescued residents.

Bransby Horses’ made an ideal venue for the event with their large meeting room and rescued ponies, who were suitable to assist with the practical elements of the training.

Freya Wood and Selina Squarotti had travelled all the way from Cumbria for the CPD (Continued Professional Development) event.

Freya said: “We’ve never been to Bransby Horses before and it is really lovely. This is a subject we are familiar with but it’s been great to be able to put it into practice at the same time, because it is such a practical thing to do.”

All vets and registered nurses must complete a set amount of CPD each year in order to maintain their professional status.

Dr Gemma Pearson has a number of videos available online for horse owners who would like to learn more about using her training techniques on their horses, both in preparation for veterinary treatment and general handling.

The event on Monday, March 13 was organised by the animal pharmaceutical company Boehringer-Ingelheim.

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