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Vandalism and theft at the charity

21st July 2021

Bransby Horses is sad to report the charity has recently been the victim of theft and several cases of vandalism. As a charity we rely solely on support from donations to keep the charity going, so any loss of income through theft or damaged caused due to vandalism has a huge detrimental impact.

Many regular visitors know that we have a wishing well on site near our children’s play park and we encourage visitors to donate spare change and make a wish. We are sad to report the contents of our wishing well were recently stolen. The incident took place while we were closed to the public so there is also the issue of trespassing, both of which have been reported to the police.

Not only is it distressing to know someone would go to these lengths to steal from a charity, but the spare change people toss into the well soon adds up and provides essential funding to help us continue our work rescuing and rehabilitating equines in need.

Vandalism to in-memoriam plaques

In addition to the recent theft, we have had a spate of vandalism in which 13 in-memoriam plaques have been damaged. Our in-memoriam plaques are a way for our supporters to remember their loved ones and provides them with somewhere special to visit.

We discovered some of the plaques had been kicked down while others have been scratched rendering the inscriptions illegible. It is heartbreaking to know someone has attacked these plaques. Furthermore, there is a cost involved to fix or replace the plaques and as you can imagine, this completely unforeseen spending will have an impact on the charity’s finances.

Bransby Horses has and will continue to contact those affected by the damage and fix or replace any damaged plaques and we are taking steps to discourage any further acts of vandalism.

It goes without saying that we are deeply saddened by these events and are treating the matter seriously, working with the local police. Should anyone have any information about these incidents, please get in touch on 01427 788 464, or contact Lincolnshire Police.


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