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Could you be our next Trustee?

15th August 2023

All charities are governed by a Board of Trustees and here at Bransby Horses, our Board is made up of six people all of whom are volunteers and freely give their time, skills and experience to support the charity.

Our Trustees work alongside our senior leadership team to drive and lead the charity forward, ensuring every decision made is in the best interests of the equines in our care.

Trustees have overall control of Bransby Horses and are responsible for making sure the charity is achieving what it was set up to do.  Together this small but important group of people make crucial decisions about the charity’s work.

We are now looking for more volunteers to join our Board; if you are interested in becoming a trustee of Bransby Horses and would like to find out more about the role, please contact us by email:

Becoming a Trustee is an exciting opportunity to benefit society and really make a difference. It can be a hugely rewarding, important and exciting role.

To apply, email us today at

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