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Skeletal Shetlands Reach Target Weight

7th March 2018

Alfie, Tyrian and Tinkerbell arrived in an emaciated state back in November 2017 after owners failed to see the severity of their condition and unfortunately reacted too late. Alfie was the in the poorest condition when he arrived at the charity, with a body condition score of 0. When he was collected he collapsed on the trailer and continued to need assistance to stand.

Blood tests highlighted some health issues as a consequence of their poor condition which was concerning for staff and all three horses were fatigued with the smallest of activities demanding a lot of energy. Despite this they have fought hard and are now thriving with thanks to the dedicated work from staff at the Animal Reception Centre (ARC). The team has been building up the Shetlands’ strength and Tyrian and Tinkerbell are now at their target weight, although Alfie still has a little condition to gain in order to reach his target weight. They have all received their first vaccinations and have also been clipped to remove the damaged hair in order to treat their lice infestation. The tiny trio are going from strength to strength and their personalities are shining through now they are feeling stronger and are enjoying the attention from welfare staff at the ARC.

Bransby Horses would like to thank everyone who has donated over the last couple of months, as your kind generosity is what has allowed us to provide the best possible care for these ponies and give them the second chance they truly deserve.