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Remembering Peter Hunt

20th November 2019

Last week, amidst the heavy flooding, knee-high mud and huge amounts of additional work needed to keep our teams and animals safe, we took a moment to remember our founder, Peter Hunt, who passed away 9 years ago on 15th November.

Every ounce of energy we put into giving equines a second chance today, follows a man who gave everything he had for these magnificent animals. Those who knew him have said he even sacrificed all his holiday time for horses, believing it his lifelong purpose to make a real difference to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Peter Hunt is remembered fondly by teams and volunteers who worked with him as an employer who took great personal care to know everyone involved in looking after the animals . He was renowned for his habit of personally taking the stable teams out for lunch on a regular basis to show his appreciation for their hard work. The work diaries show that he paid great attention to every person and equine he came into contact with. Peter recorded each and every rescue, vet visit and telephone call; his attention to detail was second to none. When it came to helping equines, it was so much more than a role to him, it was a calling.

Peter Hunt once said “[horses] are the noblest creature known to man – and look how we treat [them]. Once, Ruskin asked if anyone who looked at a cab horse as it lay dying in the street ever wondered at the work it had done and the reward it had received. We don’t have cab horses now, but we still need to ask questions.”

Today we’d like to take a moment with you, our valued supporters and friends, to remember an amazing man who embarked on an incredible mission to improve the lives of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules across the UK.

We will be forever grateful that such a man walked the Earth, no doubt, with a four-legged friend by his side.

Peter Hunt, founder of Bransby Horses (1968)