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18th June 2021

It is with heart-breaking sadness that we announce the passing of popular Sponsorship Star, Ferguson. Such a firm favourite with team members across the charity and supporters alike, this devastating loss has come as a great shock to us all.

Ferguson was taken to our equine hospital following signs of severe colic for 24-hour monitoring by hospital staff, but sadly lost his battle in the early hours of the morning.

Gone but not Ferg-otten

Handsome Ferguson was rescued as an abandoned stallion found wandering on common land with painful overgrown hooves and severe sores covering his legs. Both of these aliments caused him an enormous amount of discomfort and were treated by the farrier and vet immediately on arrival at Bransby Horses in 2013.

Ferguson lived at Walklands Farm, to receive regular treatment for his legs, with his friends Dom and Oscar and was very much the leader of the cob herd. He knew his own mind and didn’t shy away from letting everyone know it, often giving our teams and his field friends the run around with his rebellious nature.

Revered for his devilishly good looks, he was given his ‘Rock Star’ moniker by his handlers, but was also nicknamed ‘Ferg’, ‘Fer-goose’ and ‘Goose’ and was only referred to in full when he was up to mischief! Ferguson’s tresses were his trademark, sporting a long flowing mane or a low maintenance, yet stylish Mohawk.

Louise, Deputy Team Leader at our Barlings site had a particularly strong bond with Ferguson:

“I handled him during my five years at Walklands. He was always a bit of a brute, but a lovable brute. I was leading him in from the field one day and there was a big puddle, instead of walking through it, he did the biggest jump over it, and it was at that point I was smitten with him!”

“He loved attention and food! He really enjoyed the summer fair when the public doted on him, so it seemed appropriate that he then became a Sponsorship Star.”

As a popular Sponsorship Star, Ferguson’s supporters have been notified of his passing by letter. Your sponsorship contributions helped with the ongoing care of his leg treatment and supported Ferguson and his friends to lead a happy, healthy life, here at Bransby Horses.