A new release- Hovis’ Friday Diary: Parties, Piaffes & Pandemics (2018-2020)


Picking up where the last book, Hovis’ Friday Diary: Going Hell for Feather, left off, this diary covers the highs of international stardom on the equestrian stage, adventures with his sharer and his mini-mother growing up, as well as the lows of yet more complex career-ending health problems. Not to mention floods, the meeting of dressage and actual royalty, as well as the world-changing Covid-19 pandemic…

Once again intended to make the reader smile, laugh out loud and even shed a tear or two; there are simply no horse lovers or owners who can get to the end of Hovis’ Friday Diary: Parties, Piaffes and Pandemics having not smiled to themselves and thought “I can so relate to this!”!

Paperback, 2018-2020, Author: Karen Thompson

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